Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The museum of birch bark objects in Novosibirsk.

The museum of birch bark objects in Novosibirsk is a unique place.
Wikipedia (http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Музей_«Сибирская_береста») and the museum website (http://museum-beresta.ru/) say this museum is the only one of that kind in the world. Unfortunately the museum website is in Russian only, but the pictures need no explanation.

It offers its visitors a vast collection of pictures, figures, decorations and even icons, all of them made of birch bark mainly in Novosibirsk, but in other cities and regions as well. The most of them are quite new, but some were made several decades ago.

I visited the museum with my tourists plenty of times, but as I was always translating and explaining things to people, I had no chance to look at everything in detail.
I felt like I had to do it and I wanted to show the museum to my family, so one day we did it.

Amazing! Some figures are so strikingly complex that one just cannot imagine how the artist made them. It is not an exaggeration to say that all objects are masterpieces.
Here are just some of them, but the museum has a lot more to offer.
As it is a purely Russian style of art and craft, the majority figures represent characters from Russian fairy tales. All those wood goblins (called Leshiy in Russian), Baba Yagas, wood masters (lesovichoks), sauna masters (banniks) and so on. There are many objects of worship, some kind of amulets kept in the house or worn as decorations. Even icons.
A lot of objects reflecting lifestyle in an old Russian village.
There is even a hall with objects for 18+!!

Some simple things can be bought right in the museum shop, and larger objects can be ordered from the master.
I recommend visiting this museum to all people coming to Novosibirsk! It is small, so the tour won't take you more than 1 hour.
I include a visit to this museum into each tour I guide, as the museum is located right in the city center.

The museum has two exhibition halls, located ul. Sverdlova 21, and ul. Gorkogo 18.

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  1. The museum is good ))) has been there thanks to Olga

    can send you some links for photos from the day we visited the museum, if you'd like